Plas Gwynant 2017- Ava & Gia

Visiting, and staying at, Plas Gwynant was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  During the 5 days we spent there, we had the chance to go: canoeing, abseiling, gorge walking, mountain climbing and to the beach.  We also got to play hide and seek with the teachers.  Mrs Reed hid in a bin! Miss Melia fell in the lake trying to get into a canoe, we didn’t laugh – not much anyway!  Whilst we were at Plas Gwynant, we had to achieve three main goals – to listen to each other, a skill needed everywhere.  Perseverance and resilience, which we definitely needed when gorge walking and independence like when we made our own beds.  We had an amazing time and we would love to go again.

Ava and Gia

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