Keep your children safe on their devices with OurPact

A lot of our parents have previously spoke to ourselves at Old Park about how they can safely manage and control their child’s screen time and devices they use.

Whilst technology is a brilliant way to learn, children should not spend all of their free time on screens. You might want some family time, or want your child to put their device down for dinner. There are also concerns about the blue light emitted from screens interrupting children’s sleeping cycles, called the circadian rhythm, when using tablets and screens that emit blue light near bed time.

Parents who are struggling to control their child’s screen time, limit the apps that they use or the messages they can send might be interested in an app and online service called “OurPact


OurPact allows parents to have parental control of their child’s iOS or Android devices from their phone. This allows you to set schedules, limit websites, hours, apps and internet connectivity to your child’s devices without having to take the device away from the child.

There are three tiers of pricing available. The price is dependent on how many devices you have at home and the type of blocks you want to put in place. The cost varies from free to $4.99 (US Dollars) a month.

Visit and have a look.

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