Behaviour – Dream, Believe, Inspire, Achieve.

We take great pride in the behaviour of our pupils. Our emphasis is to praise positive behavior, attitude and effort to increase the children’s awareness of the need to make a positive contribution to their community.  Through a system of praise and reward we constantly seek to reinforce the good behaviour and positive attitudes that you, as parents, expect of them.

The school has a code of conduct, which is a set of simple rules enabling the children to work effectively and play in harmony. Our children participated in drawing up the code of conduct in order that it could be relevant and they could have ownership of it. We ask parents to cooperate with us in reinforcing this code of conduct at home.

Dream, believe, inspire, achieve.
Be the best we can be.

Respect each other
Make the right choices
Have courage
Be proud to be ourselves.
Love to learn.
Care for our world.
Bring our ideas to life.
Listen, talk, share,
Everybody matters.

House Points and Teams

On entry to the school all of the children are assigned to one of four school teams. The teams are named after our school motto:-

Dream – Believe  – Inspire – Achieve

The aim of the team strategy is to encourage group loyalty and to provide an incentive point system to reward participation, achievement and good behaviour (through our Class Dojo scheme).  The teams are also used as a basis for many other school activities such as sports day, football competitions, subject specific competition etc. At the beginning of each academic year the children hold an election process to choose two captains for each House team.

House points are recorded on a chart in each classroom and are collected and totalled each week by the captains. The scores are announced in the House assembly and there is a House Point board to record progress. The team that earns most points in each term is awarded the House Point trophy.

Effort Points

The effort point system is complementary to the House point system. Effort points are used to celebrate academic success and exceptional work and effort in books:

In KS2 children are responsible for keeping their own effort point record chart, but in KS1 staff will record these on a board in each classroom. When the chart is full (KS2) or when the child achieves 50 points, KS1, or 20 points in Nursery or Reception, points equate to certificates which will be presented and the child will be publicly congratulated in the next community assembly.  They then earn points for their House system when they receive a certificate.

The child continues to collect effort points and is rewarded as follows:

50 effort points         bronze certificate
100 effort points       silver certificate
150 effort points       gold certificate.
200 effort points       platinum certificate
250 effort points       Achievers Medal

Lunchtime Rewards

Lunchtime staff give stickers for good behaviour and at the end of the week will select pupils to receive a green card.  These pupils will be entered into the golden book and their positive behaviour will be shared with the rest of the school in the community assembly. Peer mentors are also given stickers to hand out to their designated class, as instructed in their Peer Mentor training.  Green cards also contribute to the House System (10 points).

Class DoJo

All classes to use Class Dojo as a positive reward system.  Every child is entered onto the Class Dojo system by their class teachers and earn points for good behaviour.  Their House allocation is also added so at the end of each day, teachers record total scores for each house.  House captains log the best scoring house in each class on a weekly basis.  The best scoring house in each class will be given 10 points on a weekly basis and will be announced in the House assembly.  Teachers create their own positive behaviour statements, which are used to add points to children’s account along with your class to make the reward scheme relevant to each individual class.  Teachers then apply their own class ‘prize’ or incentive (e.g. star pupil certificate, spot prize etc.) to praise individual children.  We do not be using the negative side of Dojo, as there is a function for children to lose points.  However, our school believe that If a child earns a point, they should not lose it.

It is likely that a large proportion of our pupils will remain in a positive position, however some will need reminders to correct behaviour.  Our Behaviour Recovery strategy is then adopted:

At the beginning of ever day the children will all begin with a positive status using the Class Dojo to promote positive behaviour throughout the day.  If an undesirable behaviour is noted, our Behaviour Recovery system will be adopted – Please see our Behaviour Policy for more details.

Helping to support families:

Our ethos acknowledges that there is always a reason behind undesirable behaviours and we provide bespoke support to children and families to help support positive social and emotional well-being:

  • 1:1 support from our family liaison worker, Eve Taylor
  • Play, drama and family therapy from our trained counsellor, Christian Dixon
  • Nurture and SEAL interventions
  • Consultations and advice from our Behaviour Support Worker, Michelle Hill and Educational Psychologist, Sarah King.