Inclement Weather Statement

Dear Parent/Carer

Please be advised, as the coldest months of the year approach, we would like to ensure that you are clear about our decision making and possible closure process in the event of heavy snow, icy conditions, flooding or lack of heating.

The decision to close Old Park will be made by the Head teacher based on, weather forecasts, the safety conditions onsite and surrounding areas, advice of the site team and the criteria below.

If such a decision to close the school is made by the Head, key members of staff will be contacted to ensure that a notice is placed on our website and that text messages are sent to staff and parents/carers by 07:00 wherever possible. Local radio stations will also be notified.

Once the school day has started the decision to close the school is a matter for the Head to decide. Parents/carers will be contacted via text message initially requesting that they come and collect all pupils.

In the event of school closure after school clubs (including Oak Tree Owls out of school club) will be cancelled and school will finish at the normal time.

Should school remain open but conditions on the roads remain hazardous the after school clubs will be cancelled. In this event Oak Tree Owls out of school club will only be open until 4.00pm and a proportionate refund will be allocated.  If this is the case then parents will be contacted to collect at the times mentioned.

Closures due to weather

Please be assured that we will endeavour to keep Old Park open, but when considering closure, we will take a proportionate approach to managing the risk that the poor weather poses to both staff and students. There are a number of factors that will influence any decision taken to close the school and may include:

  1. Can students and staff get to school in a timely and safe manner? (Staff shortages due to volume of traffic or road conditions).
  2. Can students and staff get home safely?

If severe weather is expected and may prevent staff and students getting home safely, the school may decide to close.

  1. Is the site safe enough for movement of large numbers of pupils and parents?
  2. Can enough staff get into school in order to ensure safe staff to pupil ratios? (Supervision).

We would like to thank you for your continued support.

Copy of the letter distributed to parents can be downloaded here.

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