Changes to Fixed Penalty Notice January 2017

From January 2017 the use of fixed penalties for holidays in term time has been changed to accommodate ‘irregular school attendance’.

This means that parents/carers of child(ren) who have ‘irregular’ school attendance may now be sent a fixed penalty notice of £60 (rising to £120 if not paid within 21 days).  Penalties will be still be issued for unauthorised leave in term time.  If a penalty notice goes unpaid the responsible parent will be prosecuted for the offence under S444 Education Act.

Both parents to the child(ren) will receive this penalty regardless of if they live together.

A penalty notice will only be issued if the absence is ‘unauthorised’ by school.

Parents can only receive a maximum of 2 fixed notices within a 12 month period, repeat offences will be dealt with via Section 444 of the education act 1966, under this section magistrates can impose fines up to a) £1000 under S444(1) or b) £2500 or up to 3 months imprisonment, or both, under S4441(A).

If school are concerned about your child’s attendance and feel that you may be at risk of receiving a fixed penalty notice school will write to you inviting you in for a meeting to discuss further.  We ask parents if their child(ren) are ill on a regular basis to produce medical evidence so we can authorise the absence.  Medical evidence can be:  appointment card from the hospital/GP, copy of prescription with child’s details and date.  Medicine bottle with pharmacy dispense information on or some GP’s will write a letter for an ongoing medical condition.  If you are concerned about getting any of these documents or have other personal circumstances to discuss then please make an appointment to see Ms E Taylor.

May we remind all parents that the regular and punctual attendance of pupils at the school where they are registered is both a legal requirement and essential for students to maximise the opportunities available to them.

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