Years 1 & 3 enjoyed some workshops from ‘Safer Streets’

Yesterday year 1 & 3 went out in the local area with ‘Safer Streets’.  Michelle Brodie led the groups to teach the children how to cross the road safely and all children were given the opportunity to practice their skills.  Children were then taken to a local park where we played treasure hunt games whilst learning about how to keep safe in the park.  The feedback from the children was really positive, they had good fun as well as learning some important life skills.

Walking is also a really good way to stay fit !  Please see the following useful links if you would like to find out more information: – This website provides short, local walks in the local area, it also teaches about map reading. – The Department of Transport’s road safety website THINK!  Provides information and interactive games. – BMW’s road education site aimed at 1-11 year olds with interactive games

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