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The Primary Digital Leaders were asked to write a few lines about their experience being part of the Digital Leaders programme. We asked them “What did you find challenging, and what do you enjoy about being a digital leader”


We have been learning how to stay safe online like discovering other people’s problems. I haven’t found anything really challenging. I enjoy solving problems with Mr Kerton.


We are here to help your with online safety. I like being a digital leader because I like helping other people. Being a digital leader we had to do some training to make sure we are qualified digital leaders. It can sometimes be hard being a digital leader because of all of the responsibility but I still enjoy it.   


Hello to everyone at Old Park. We are here as digital leaders to help you learn about Online Safety and tell you how to stay safe online. We have been training on our website called Childnet Digital Leaders so we know how to stay safe online our selves.


As a digital leader we are going to tell you more about  internet safety  and how to keep safe online. I like being a digital leader it is really good because you learn allot of things during your training which is really helpful   when  you do assembly’s and  workshops.


We are here to help you understand the internet. Things like how to handle viruses and popups because somebody can hack your computer. We are here to keep you safe.


We help people understand about staying safe online. I have enjoyed completing the different workshops. We are planning to make leaflets to send out.

The most difficult thing about being a digital leader is being responsible.  I enjoy all the things we do. There is nothing I don’t enjoy .

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