Online Safety at Old Park

This half term, in Well Being lessons, we have been learning about how to stay safe online. In Year 4, we have learnt about our digital footprints, not to talk to people that we don’t know in real life and how to talk to others online. In Year 3, we have also been thinking about what to say to people online. For example, don’t brag about winning games and we learnt how to block users who say unkind or rude things.

As digital leaders, we have made posters to tell the school about Safer Internet Day and we held an assembly so everyone knew what it was all about.

We did a questionnaire with our classes to find out what they were worried about online and then we have made PowerPoints and posters about these issues that we have shared with our classes. We have even helped our classes fix a few ICT problems!

There’s plenty more to come so stay safe and watch this space!

From the Digital Leaders

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