Safer Internet Day – An update from the Digital Leaders

The 8th of February was Safer Internet Day. Each class had a special lesson. This year’s theme was respecting others online. We all find trouble on the internet and while playing games. This could be cyberbulling or just people being unkind. Our classes all said that this was something that had happened to them and was something that worried them. As part of the lesson, we learnt how to keep our passwords safe so that information was secure. We also learnt about the things that you could do if someone was unkind to you. First you can take a screenshot and so that you can show your parents or a trusted adult. After taking a screenshot block them so they can’t carry on being mean. On most games and websites  there is also an option to report them. This means that they can’t be mean to anybody else. The best advice we can give is to only talk to people you know in real life. If it does get to the point where you feel unsafe or sad, make sure you tell a trusted adult.

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