Well-Being Week: 21st – 25th March 22

We have lots of exciting activities throughout the week.  Photos coming soon…

Year Group Event Why?
Rec School Nurse Talk To promote good hygiene (hands and teeth)
1 and 2

West Bromwich Albion Foundation

Well-Being Talk

To promote nutrition and well-being techniques
3 and 4 Workshop with Greg Lake (local musician) To promote our school values.
3 Healthy Eating Talk To promote healthy eating / nutrition
5 and 6 Emotion Coaching Workshops (Inclusion Support) To provide strategies to support with emotional regulation.
5 and 6 Puberty Talk To promote self awareness of emotions and how to cope with changes during puberty.
All year groups Clic Sargent Dance-a-Thon / Lots of Socks To promote physical exercise as a well-being strategy.  To be part of a fundraising team event.

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