Our Magna Carta

Magna Carta

At Old Park we have a Magna Carta to establish our pupils’ rights. The school council representatives asked their own classes what they would like to see on our schools Magna Carta and then discussed this within a school council meeting. The Magna Carta was then produced by school council, in consideration of the whole schools pupil views.

Old Park Magna Carta

  • The right to be yourself.
  • The right to be safe wherever you are.
  • To respect everyone even if they are different to you.
  • To respect others peoples belongings.
  • The right to report any bad behaviour.
  • Everyone has the right to go to school and learn.
  • To be treated equally.
  • The right to share problems and not be judged.
  • The right to have a comfortable home with heating and electricity.
  • The right to be fed when hungry.
  • The right to be able to enjoy fresh air and open spaces.
  • The right to choose what clothes you wear.
  • To be treated in hospital if you are ill.
  • For police to help you if or when you need them.
  • The right to feel safe when walking in the streets.
  • The right to choose what you spend your money on.
  • The right to drive on the road.
  • The right to use the internet and feel safe.