Peer Mentors

Peer Mentor System

Peer mentors have been trained to help children in the school playground when they are upset or need help. Our peer mentors consist of over 20 Year 6 children and each mentor has been given a certain year group to support. They have received peer mentor training to help them support every lunchtime.  This includes training on behaviour strategies and safeguarding.

What is it like to be a peer mentor?

Amie  My name is Amie and I am a peer mentor.  Mrs Pearce interviewed and appointed me to help the younger children at lunchtimes.  I was really excited and looked forward the job.  We have a special badge so the younger children know who we are – I support Year 2 children and do this twice a week.  I play different games with the children and help the lunchtime staff too.  If children are hurt or upset, or if a child needs extra help, I am asked by the lunchtime staff to help out.  I also sit wand eat my lunch with them, which the children like.  I am very proud of my role!


My name is Chelsea and I really wanted to be a peer mentor because I love to play and help other children.  Mrs Dunne, the lunchtime leader, showed me how to do my job and I really enjoy it!  I am in charge of supporting in the dinner hall and make sure that the children line up sensibly when they have finished their dinner.  I also help the younger children by walking them down to their classrooms.  I have been praised on the excellent job I do and enjoy the responsibility.


 Mentors in training…

Some of the Year 6 peer mentors are also shadowed by Year 5 children.  This helps Year 5 children to have hands-on experience of being a peer mentor so they can be ready for the challenge in Year 6.

Owen, Playground Buddy

Owen, Peer Mentor Trainee

My name is Owen and I wanted to help out at lunchtimes because I sometimes found it hard to make new friends and play with others.  I thought this would help me and it has!  I feel special and it has helped me feel calmer at lunchtimes and playtimes – it gives me a real focus!