A high level of digital literacy is vitally important in the modern world. At Old Park we deliver a computing curriculum that teaches children the everyday skills they need to operate a variety of computers and devices and also challenges them to understand how computers work.

Our curriculum incorporates coding skills across all year groups with a focus on the Scratch programming language moving to HTML and Python with gifted and talent pupils in upper key stage 2. The links below will help you and your child to continue to develop these skills at home.

We also encourage children to use technology in all areas of learning such as research and presentation skills and the creation of different forms of digital media.

At Old Park, we recognize that whilst being a wonderful resource, the internet can also be a dangerous place for children. We incorporate online safety into all of our computing teaching and also have dedicated PHSE sessions focused on this issue. Click here to visit the online safety section of our website to find out more.



If you’re looking for something a bit more advanced, why not try using Code Academy to teach yourself a real programming language.

Ask an adult to help you sign up (for free!), choose a language and follow the lessons to become a coding whizzkid!