Google Classroom

At Old Park, we are committed to providing a remote learning experience that mirrors teaching in the classroom as closely as possible, allows for children to interact with their teachers and peers and is flexible enough to allow families to complete work when it suits them.

If you have any difficulty accessing any of our remote learning resources, please contact the school office or email using

We use Google Classroom to support with learning both inside and outside of school. All children in school will have been provided with a login to the service. Please ask your child’s teacher if you require this again.

If your child is absent from school due to COVID then Google Classroom will be used to provide remote education. Your child’s class teacher will upload the work that the class has completed at the end of the each school day. If your child is well enough, we expect that this work to be completed and ‘handed in’ to the teacher so that it can be responded to. This will help to minimise the impact of absence on learnong. Your child’s class teacher will attach all the instructions, resources and links that you will need to each lesson. These will match lessons delivered in school as closely as possible.

The guides and video below will support you in accessing and ‘handing in’ work.

Google Meet

Classroom guide for parents