Flashback Retrieval


What is the point in teaching something that is not remembered?
At Old Park, we are working extremely hard to help children retain and retrieve information they are taught.


Firstly, we identified the key information we wanted our pupils to know and remember. Our learning journeys are often based around an enquiry question, where each lesson provides knowledge and understanding, allowing them to eventually answer the question. At the start of each lesson, children are required to complete a flashback retrieval question, which is based on their prior learning. After the learning journey is complete, children complete a quiz containing the key information they have been taught. This is completed 2 weeks after, 6 weeks after and 12 weeks after their learning journey has been taught. This enables pupils to revisit knowledge often, enabling it to be transferred to their long-term memory. With many opportunities for children to retrieve the information, they are able to easily retrieve the knowledge when needed.


Retrieval Quiz – House Competition

Each term, we hold a quiz based on the previous term’s learning. This is a chance for pupils to apply their knowledge in a fun way and earn points for their house.


Year 5 & 6 Autumn Curriculum Quiz Results: