Role of the Governors

Mohammad Asad

As Chair of the Governors I consider it a privilege to be writing this statement and warmly welcome you to Old Park Primary

The school’s governing body is made up of volunteers including parents, the local community, school staff and the local authority.

The role of a school governing body is to provide strategic leadership and accountability in schools. It works closely with the Headteacher and senior leadership team to make sure that children have access to an enriched education. We aim to ensure the school offers an ethos of support, challenge and encouragement to achieve and instil a genuine, lifelong love of learning. The governing body seeks to support the school in continuous development with our values at the core: optimism; a love of learning; diversity; perseverance; ambition; responsibility & kindness.

Some of our specific responsibilities as governing body include:

  1. Setting the school’s vision, ethos, and strategic direction: Governors help to develop and implement the school’s values and ensure that it aligns with the needs and aspirations of the school community. Our ethos and values form the foundation of our school. We strive to give every child the opportunity to dream, believe, to inspire and to achieve by realising their potential.
  2. Monitoring and evaluating school performance: Governors analyse data and reports to assess the school’s progress towards its targets and objectives. We visit the school to observe teaching and learning, talk to children and look at the children’s books.
  3. Financial oversight: Governors are responsible for overseeing the school’s budget and ensuring that resources are allocated appropriately. We are involved in decision-making regarding staffing, buildings and resourcing.
  4. Policy development and implementation: Governors contribute to the development and review of school policies, ensuring that they are in line with legal requirements and best practices. We as a Board also monitor the implementation of policies to ensure they are effective and have a positive impact on our school and our children.
  5. Staffing and performance management: Governors participate in the recruitment and selection of senior staff, including the headteacher. We also oversee the performance management process, ensuring that staff are supported and held accountable for their performance.
  6. Community engagement: Governors act as a link between the school and the wider community, representing the interests of parents, pupils, and other stakeholders.

Governors work closely with the Head Teacher and the Senior Management Team to ensure pupils enjoy a positive and high quality education during their time at Old Park Primary. To make the best possible decisions we involve ourselves as much as possible to see different aspects of school life.

Most of our work takes place behind the scenes, where we work alongside the Head to discuss budget, staffing, children’s welfare and future direction of the school. We are able to ask questions, challenge recommendations where appropriate and offer support when needed, always considering the impact our decisions will have on the children.

OFSTED awarded Old Park an ‘Outstanding’ status in May 2013. The report stated the school is “exceptionally well led”, the quality of teaching “outstanding and never less than good” and “throughout the school pupils are encouraged to believe in themselves…” It has been our mission since 2013 to ensure that these standards remain and that children leave the school knowing our core values and skills and with the confidence to dream big and aspire to reach their full potential.

Mohammed Asad

Chair of the Governors