Role of the Governors

Tracy Wallis, Chair of Governors

As Chair of the Governors, I am privileged to write this statement for the Old Park Primary School website.

The school’s Governing Body is made up of volunteers representing parents, the local community, school staff and the local authority.

Governors will make formal decisions at full Governing Body meetings based on the recommendations from two sub-committees; Resources & Provisions and Curriculum & Standards.

The objectives of a governor should be to act in a similar way to that of a Company’s Board of Directors, making strategic decisions and allowing the Head Teacher and Senior Management Team to run the day to day business of the school.

As governors we are expected to supply clear vision in helping the school to achieve its priorities with the resources it has, both provide support and hold to account the Head Teacher in equal measure and oversee the financial performance of Old Park Primary.

The duties of a school governor include:

  • making decisions on the school’s budget and staff
  • planning for the school’s future
  • monitoring the curriculum which is being taught
  • making sure the school encourage pupils’ spiritual, moral and cultural development
  • ensuring policies and procedures are in place and followed
  • appointing the head teacher

Governors work closely with the Head Teacher and the Senior Management Team to ensure pupils enjoy a positive and high quality education during their time at Old Park Primary.

In 2013 Old Park Primary were inspected by OFSTED. This resulted in the school being awarded an ‘Outstanding’ status.

The school’s OFSTED status is something for all staff, children, parents and governors to be proud of. Governors of the school are tasked with making sure these standards remain and that Old Park Primary continues to improve on the high foundation it has already a built.

Tracy Wallis
Chair of the Governors