October – Quotes

Quotes from Our Parent Values group

‘Equality to me is that people should treat people the same as you would like to be treated despite age, gender, disability and race.’

Parent of a child in Year 5

‘Equality to me is being treated with love and kindness no matter what. We are all human beings.’

Parent of a child in Year 5

‘Equality to me is recognising that we all share the same resources, ideas and values. These make up the fundamentals of life whilst we are all different we are all united.’

Parent of a Year 1 and Year 5 children

‘Equality to me is everybody is equal no matter of race, gender, religion, age or disability.’

Parent of a child in Year 3   

‘Equality to me is treat everyone the way you wanted to be treated no exceptions. We are all human and want the same thing from life. Love, live, learn, laugh and to be happy regardless of age, gender, race, location, disability and many more’

Parent of children in Year 1, 2 and 4  

Quotes from Our children

‘Equality means to me that everyone is unique and everyone is perfect how they are.’


‘Equality means to me is being different and unique. Being yourself is equality.’


‘Equality means to me we should all be treated the same.’


‘Equality means to me I get shown respect and I show respect for other people. I don’t leave anybody out.’


‘Equality means to me is all about being respectful to others no matter who they are.’


‘Equality means to me is everyone is free to make their own choices’