Values and Ethos

Old Park Values (Monty’s Values)   

At Old Park we promise you a nurturing ethos where children will be able to dream and plan for an ambitious future; to believe in themselves and trust in teachers and other adults to guide them; to inspire others through their aspiration and success and to achieve the highest standards they are capable of in all areas. Monty joined our school in September 2019 and is our Values’ Mascot.  He enjoys being part of our school assemblies and becomes a ‘class member’ on a weekly basis.  This is a huge honour as he joins a class who is nominated for demonstrating our school values!  He is very proud to be part of Old Park Primary School.   Our OLD PARK values are: These values are explored in everything we do at Old Park, including our Well-Being curriculum, enrichment activities and assemblies.  They are celebrated each week through our ‘Values Ambassador’ award where a child from each class is acknowledged for demonstrating an Old Park value.




How do our School Values link to British values?

As a school it is our responsibility to guide our children to understand their roles and responsibilities as young citizens. The ethos of our school is such that we continually emphasise the importance of developing the whole child to enable them to make a positive contribution both in and out of school. The values that we promote are:   Our school values are explored alongside the British values through our Well-Being Curriculum.  

Click here for more information on how our school values link to British values.




Our Old Park Value Wall

Our Values’ Artwork is now displayed in the school hall.  A big thank you to the children who contributed their ideas for each design and to our very talented Mrs Begum, who used the ideas to create our final designs.