Old Park Values

Values’ Artwork – Update

Our Values’ Artwork is now displayed in the school hall.  A big thank you to the children who contributed their ideas for each design and to our very talented Mrs Begum, who used the ideas to create our final designs.

We are proud to have achieved the Values Quality Mark in 2018.

“Old Park is a thriving school where VbE clearly underpins their behaviour, curriculum and relationships. All children are well supported to ensure they reach their full potential. Staff are valued and cared for and are totally committed to the school’s VbE philosophy and approach.  The holistic development of each and every child is the key to the school’s success and due to this, children make excellent progress across the curriculum. Old Park are forward thinking, open to new suggestions and reflective of their practices. I will be encouraging other Midland schools to visit and witness the excellent practice I have been fortunate enough to observe.”


Old Park Values – What are they?



Love of Learning

Diversity (being unique)







Meet Monty!

Monty joined our school in September 2019 and is our Values’ Mascot.  He enjoys being part of our school assemblies and becomes a ‘class member’ on a weekly basis.  This is a huge honour as he joins a class who is nominated for demonstrating our school values!  He is very proud to be part of Old Park Primary School.





How Are Values Demonstrated In Our School?

Our school values form part of our everyday ethos and are specifically taught in our Well-Being Curriculum and rewarded through our House system (which includes visits from Monty).


What themes are covered in our Well-Being Curriculum?

  • Being Me In My World
  • Celebrating Difference
  • Dreams and Goals
  • Healthy Me
  • Relationships
  • Changing Me
  • Online Safety