December – Hope

As part of our Values initiative, the value for December is ‘Hope.’

As part of our Values Based Education initiative, during the month of December we shall be studying the value of Hope. Please take a few minutes to visit the school website ( and look at the assembly with your child. We hope that you will be able to use the assembly as a starting point to help you to engage with your child and support their learning in school.

There is an ‘Our Values’ section on the website, under the ‘Our School’ heading where you can access all of the values assemblies and newsletters should you wish to revisit any of the themes.

Hope means different things to different people and I hope that the children will bring their hopes, wishes, goals, dreams and ambitions into their classes throughout the month of December.

We have already seen examples of people with this value who have worked towards realising their hopes through other values this term such as confidence, equality and courage. We have also seen how hopes can be different for different people.

This month’s assembly includes some music and film clips to stimulate discussion around values with a focus on Hope. We will be continuing our Values journey by exploring our own hopes and the hopes of others.

The School Council have been exploring the value hope and would like to continue to support the work from last year with supporting the local community and charities in and around Wednesbury. This year the representatives would like to support the Glebe Centre, Walsall. The charity aims are to help the homeless and provide food / hunger relief to those that are in need. These kind donations provide hope and a small comfort to people and families who are less fortunate. Please check your e-mails for a letter explaining how to donate.

Our Values Homework 2017 – 2018 (PDF format)

Glebe Centre – Local Community Support  

The School Council representatives have been working hard to generate new ideas to support the local community and charities in and around Wednesbury. This year the representatives would like to support the Glebe Centre, Walsall. The charity aims are to help the homeless and provide food / hunger relief to those that are in need.

The School Council would like to support this charity specifically at the time of the winter period and have decided to ask for donations. These donations can be big or small but would make a difference to somebody who does not have the amenities we have. The School Council would like to receive donations of:

  • Warm clothing (hats, gloves, socks)
  • Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, comb)
  • Nonperishable food (cereal bars, biscuits, dried fruit)
  • Christmas items (chocolate, sweets, biscuits)
  • First aid kit (plasters, antiseptic cream, sunscreen)
  • Well known coffee shop vouchers (no more than £5)

The School Council would like to collect as many donated items from the list attached to this letter per class at Old Park. By donating, one item or more would really make a difference to someone who is in need of food or items that we might take for granted. The items donated must not include any alcohol and all food items need to be vegetarian. No fresh items, as perishable foods will not keep.

Your child’s teacher will collect in your kind donations and a small staffing team will take the donations to the evening event, held by Glebe Centre to aid in giving out the items. You and your child can begin to donate now and closing donations need to be received by Wednesday 13th December 2017.

Old Parks School Council representatives would like to thank you for all donations received and hope to make a difference to someone over the Christmas period.

This list is a guide to items and are only a suggestion of items to donate. You are welcome to donate more than one item, as all will be gratefully received. All food items must be vegetarian and strictly no alcohol – please do not donate hand sanitizer as this can have alcohol in.

Many thanks from Old Park School Council Representatives.

Warm Clothing Items Toiletries and Health/First Aid Kit
1.      Hat

2.      Scarf

3.      Gloves

4.      Blanket

5.      Thick socks

6.      Balaclava

7.      Hand warmers

8.      Thermal vests

9.      Waterproof jacket

10.  Jumper

11.  Deodorant

12.  Sunscreen

13.  Toothbrush

14.  Toothpaste

15.  Comb

16.  Wet wipes

17.  Lip balm

18.  Plasters

19.  Multivitamins

20.  Hand or face moisturiser

Non Perishable food (Vegetarian items only) Christmas Items
21.  Crisps

22.  Dried fruit bags

23.  Packs of cake

24.  Cereal bars

25.  Savoury biscuits

26.  Energy drinks

27.  Sweet biscuits

28.  Breakfast bars

29.  Crackers

30.  Packs of chocolate bars

31.  Sweets

32.  Chocolate

33.  Mince pies

34.  Well known coffee shop gift card (no more than £5)

35.  Pen and notepad

36.  Pet food

37.  Torch with batteries

38.  Head Lamp with batteries

39.  Sleeping bag

40.   Sleeping mat