January – Consideration

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday, may I take this opportunity to wish you a very happy new year.

Whilst reflecting upon our Values Based Curriculum, it is important to acknowledge how far we have come on our values journey and to recognise how embedded it is.

In November, Neil Baliston, a Values Based Education assessor, visited us. The day was a day of sharing our Values learning journey, this was through meeting staff and Governors, the School Council and visiting lessons.

Neil was overwhelmed how our children took their roles and responsibilities within school very seriously; how they talked so articulately and maturely about values and how they have such positive attitudes towards values. The day was a success and Old Park has achieved the Quality Mark for being a Values Based Education school. I would like to thank all the children and parents who got involved to make this a success at our school.

Our value for January is ‘Consideration.’

We can show this in many ways and we will explore these over the month. When people are shown a lack of consideration, it affects the way they feel, their learning and the way they see the world.

Consideration incorporates many of our previous values and by developing considerate behaviours; our world becomes a happier and better place in which to live.

The assembly can be found on the school website (www.oldparkprimary.com). As always, please use the assembly as a starting point to help you to engage with your child and discuss this value so that they can share their perspective.


It is wonderful to see children really listening to and learning from each other’s thoughts and experiences. There is a ‘Values Based Education’ section on the website, under the ‘Our School’ heading where you can access all of the values assemblies and newsletters should you wish to revisit any of the themes.

Our Values Homework 2017 – 2018