October – Equality

As part of our Values initiative, the value for October is ‘Equality.’

As part of our Values Based Education initiative, during the month of October we shall be studying the value of Equality. Please take a few minutes to visit the school website (www.oldparkprimary.com) and look at the assembly with your child (there are short film clips included as an ‘added extra’, which were not shown in assembly). 

Last week our children demonstrated our September value of confidence through their School Council and Vice-Captain speeches to their peers. This took tremendous courage and every child demonstrated respect, bravery and confidence to deliver a well-rehearsed and coherent speech to Old Park staff and children.

Voting has now closed and the successful candidates are now fulfilling their new roles in the school and are taking it very seriously. Well done!

Equality is a simple concept but also has the potential for deep understanding. As we explore it with the children, we will discuss respect and fairness, diversity in our society, considering our similarities and differences, and the implications of prejudice and discrimination.

I would like to urge you to visit and engage with the Values at the schools website as much as possible at home. It is wonderful when children come together for class discussions or class assemblies and are able to share their thoughts and perceptions of values based on their out of school experiences and learning. They really learn so much from each other and the teachers are able to deepen their relationships with their pupils by getting to know and understand them as quickly as possible. Some of the deepest learning in classes has happened when children have come into school and talked about discussions they have had in the family home about values.

Our Values Homework 2017 – 2018 (PDF format)