The School Day

Please note that the information on the this page is currently not applicable due to changes made to allow for social distancing on and around the school site as part of our Covid-19 measures. 

Drop off Points
Nursery The Quad playground (Nursery red door)
Reception Rear Playground (Reception entrance)
Year 1 Rear playground – classroom fire exits (access gained via Old Park Rd playground)
Year 2 Rear playground – classroom fire exits (access gained via Old Park Rd playground)
Year 3 3E – Rear playground – classroom fire exits (access gained via Old Park Rd playground)

3R – School corridor exit (between the courtyard and Old Park Rd playgrounds).

Year 4 School corridor exit (between the courtyard and Old Park Rd playgrounds).
Year 5 and 6 Corridor exit ramp onto the courtyard playground.

Please could parents of years 1-6, leave their children at each entrance. There are staff on the doors to greet the children.  For safeguarding reasons parents are asked not to enter the school through these entrances.  If you need to speak to a member of staff to pass on a quick message then please speak to someone at the door. Alternatively, make your way to the school office (Old Park Rd entrance) where our office staff will assist you or make an appointment with the appropriate member of staff.

Parents of reception children are asked to encourage their children to enter the school themselves as soon as possible, this will support their independence.

Collection Points
Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and 2 Pupils are handed over to a parent or carer at the end of school (at the same point of drop off)
Year 3  and 4 Pupils will be taken to the school exit situated between the courtyard playground and the Old Park Rd playground. A member of staff from each class will be at the exit and children stay with that member of staff until they see their parent/carer in the playground.
Year 5 and 6 In year 5 & 6 the children are given increased responsibility in preparation for secondary school.  There is always a teacher from year 5 & 6 stood around the exit.  Children are allowed to go into the courtyard playground to meet their parents/carers.  They are told to agree a meeting point with parents/carers and if no-one is there they are to go back to their teacher at the entrance to the year 5/6 corridor.  Please could you ensure that your child is aware of the meeting point and that if you are not there then they must return to the year 5/6 entrance.

Year 6 Walkers

After February half term and only in agreement with parents/carers, we allow the year 6 children to walk home from school on their own.  This is arranged before half term, letters will be emailed to parents and consent to be given via school gateway. Children without  consent will not be allowed to walk home.


We understand that with several exit points parents/carers with several children across school, pick up can be difficult.  There is a slight time difference to support this with foundation stage and KS1 finishing at 3.20 and KS2 finishing at 3.25.  We accept that due to assemblies or other events classes do not always finish on time to allow this differential.

We ask that you make the collection of your youngest child your priority and we then send siblings from KS1 to their younger brother or sister’s class. Children from KS2 will usually await your collection at the points below.

School Times.
Start End
Morning Nursery 8.40 11.40
Afternoon Nursery 12.30 3.30
Reception 8.50 3.20
Year 1 and 2 8.50 3.20
Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 8.50 3.25

Breakfast Club

Breakfast club is a very popular service that provides parents with childcare provision from 7.45 until the beginning of the school day at 8.50. There is also an early-bird option that begins at 7.30. Please contact the school office for availability.

Snack times

Years 1-6  have a morning break for 15 minutes, they are welcome to bring in their own drink and healthy snack or order mid-morning snack via ParentPay.  Nursery and Reception receive a healthy snack that is provided by the school and parents make payments via school gateway.

In the afternoon Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 have an outdoor break and have fruit in class.  Children in Key Stage 2 will have an afternoon break.

Late Arrival and Collection of Children

In the morning school gates close at 8.55am. If you are later than this, you will need to bring your child to the School Office to sign them in. This will be recorded as a late on your child’s attendance record.

If you know that you are delayed at pick up time, then please can you contact the school as soon as possible.  Upon late collection, parents will need to sign children out.

In all cases, if a parent/carer does not arrive then the children are taken to the main office to await collection.  If they are not collected on-time then the office will contact the names on the child’s emergency contact lists.  Should your child’s collection become persistently late then to safeguard them your child/children will be placed into our after-school club. You will be charged for the use of this service (Please contact for charge information).

Extra Curricular-Activities

Pupils that attend after school sports/activity clubs (not after school club) are usually collected at 4.20pm from the Old Park Rd playground entrance (unless stated in the details of your club letter).

The safe hand over of pupils at the end of the school day is of great importance to us.  If you have any queries regarding these arrangements, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

After School Club

Our after-school club provides childcare from 3.25 until 5.30pm.

Our after-school club is run onsite by The Patch Day Nursery.  If you are interested in booking a place for your child then please contact The Patch Day Nursery.

Pupils staying at the after-school club will be collected from their classes at the end of the school day by a member of the Oak Tree Owls team. Please, can you ensure that where possible you book with The Patch in advance and inform your child that they will be staying.