We want every child to leave Old Park believing that anything is possible.


  • A strong desire to do or achieve something.
  • Desire and determination to achieve success.
  • Always looks for ways to challenge themselves

Old Park seeks to widen children’s aspirations for the future and develop an understanding of the importance of both voluntary contribution and employment roles in society. This is a thread that we continue to strengthen across the school and the curriculum as opportunities arise.

What do we do?

  • Responsibility & leadership roles – school council, house captains, sports ambassadors, science ambassadors, maths ambassadors, reading ambassadors, arts ambassadors, history ambassadors.
  • Exploration Days – provide the children with a wide, rich set of experiences giving children opportunities to develop their talents and interests in three areas (STEM, The Arts & Monty’s Life Skills). Children learn and explore alongside new children and adults from across the school.
  • Careers sessions for Y2 – 6 where the children explore the range of sectors and job roles. 
  • Promotion of our key skills referenced the start of every lesson and celebrated in Monday assembly.
  • Skills builder projects, where the children have the opportunity to use these skills to planning a project from start to finish.
  • Representation and performance at events such as: Music Share at Lichfield Cathedral, a wide range of competitive sporting events, Maths quiz, book quiz, dance festival, public speaking competition.
  • Career opportunity focus during every Monday assembly, career options are displayed on our careers tree and link to the subjects taught in school.