School Council

School Council Story So Far 2016/2017

The new school council members representing the school have now been in post for one full term and have really embraced their new roles and have really rose to the challenge. This term has been a focus on raising awareness of what the School Council does and how it can make a change in the school. They listened carefully to children’s views and have improved the choice of stationary on sale in the school shop and agreed on manageable prices that are fair for each product. Created hampers for Halloween to raise money through raffle prizes, and the money raised will go towards a whole school activity. The school council have chosen to support the Midland Langer Seva Society charity this winter. This charity helps feed and support the homeless of Birmingham and the school council have asked each class to kindly donate items for people who are less fortunate than ourselves. The school council have also been thinking of ways to raise awareness of ‘What is a healthy school?’, and been discussing ways of collating data from the whole school to share at important meetings held at Town Council events with other delegates and schools. This project will begin to take shape in 2017 where the School Council will be participating in a series of projects across the Wednesbury schools.

Old Park School Council Mission Statement

At Old Park we will put forward our pupils’ ideas to make the school a better, happier and safer place to be. We will try our hardest to listen to pupils’ ideas and suggestions and make them a reality by taking them to our Head Teacher. With the help of our school council our school will be the best and all of the pupils will be happy.

Our aims…

Environment. To create a safe, happy and fair learning environment.

Everyone is included. To include everyone in the school. Respect ideas wherever they come from, and work hard to hear quieter, less confident students.

Encourage regular interaction between students. Regular meetings allow pupils to share their own and their peers’ ideas, for the school. Develop pupils’ self-confidence, social skills and their responsible behaviour.

Decision making. To allow pupils to become more actively involved in the decision making process of the school. To provide an opportunity for pupils to become partners in their own education

Making a positive contribution. Develop pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding of how to contribute to society as a whole and what it means to be an active citizen. Provide an opportunity for pupils to make a positive contribution to the school environment and ethos.

Members: There is one member from each class in the school from years 2-6.

Elections: Our school councillors are elected at the beginning of the school year. Our council member election process is:

  • Children put themselves forward to be a candidate.
  • A manifesto is prepared by the candidates about their suitability as a school council member.
  • Class members vote for the person they think will be most suitable to represent them.
  • The chosen members are announced in a whole school assembly.

School Council lead on many projects. Most recently, they organised activities and fund-raising events in support of our school’s ‘Inclusion Awareness Week’. Over £800 was raised to support Autism West Midlands and the National Down’s Syndrome Association.

School Council Bake Off for ASD Awareness

Playground friends

The school council decided to introduce ‘Playground Friends’ at break times. They identified the role of the friends to be: look out for children who appear to be lonely and invite them to play with other children; help children who appear sad and offer support as well as informing an adult of any problems

The school council carried out interviews to identify which children would make the ideal ‘Playground Friend’.

After the interviews the children then selected 8 children from those interviewed to take on the role.

Meet some of our playground friends by clicking here

Anti-Bullying Week

Each year our school is actively involved in anti-bullying week. Every year the theme across the country changes. This year the theme was ‘Make a Noise about bullying’. Each class across the school spent time looking at bullying and how we can help prevent it.

Here is an example of some of our work.

Anti-Bullying week